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The Team

Meet the WMC team! We are passionate about our work and ready to take your marketing to the next level.


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Director, accounts
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Daelyn started her first e-commerce business with Eric waaay back in 1999 and has been working with businesses and organizations to improve their online presence ever since. She is as personally dedicated to helping companies grow as she is experienced in how to make it happen. As Accounts Director, Daelyn works closely with clients ensuring things are running smoothly and everyone is happy.

Daelyn Fortney
Eric Fortney



Director, marketing

An early adopter of all-things Internet, Eric has been online since Al Gore invented it. Along with working directly on accounts, Eric is the team's social media brain -- keeping us up-to-date with all the latest social media trends.


Director, social media
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Julia's passions are writing and people, that's why she fits so well in her role as Social Media Director. She takes a hands-on approach to everything she does, not only managing the overall strategy and communication with her clients but also doing the work.

Julia Fortney
Sarah Fortney


Manager, operations

Sarah works mainly on the operational end of the company -- she's the behind-the-scenes wizard who makes sure everything is getting done as it should. Whether it's sending invoices or scheduling posts, her work helps us get your work done.



Manager, creative

Love the customized graphics and videos we post for our clients? That's all Catherine. She's the one who takes our thoughts and puts them into pretty packages. We joke that Catherine's significant other is named "Adobe."

Catherine Fortney
Jonathan Vasquez



Manager, social media

Jonathan's days are spent in social media land. His job is to understand your goals and voice and make sure everything posted is a proper representation of the brand. You're certain to see his name pop up in your feeds, because he's always the first person to LIKE a post.


Coordinator, content

Alex is a storyteller who walks a lot of miles in many different shoes. She utilizes her professional experience and personal empathy to craft blogs and social media posts that perfectly resonate with each reader. Whether she's writing about business automation, cancer screening, music festivals or home renovation, her words help connect brands who need people with people who need brands.

Alex Croswell